Creating a digital brand experience with a living logo


The ecommerce store wanted additional functions to their website.

Namely, they needed the products to be easily manageable, while also being able to roll out backend functions such as calculating textile waste saved, user logins, and purchase history.


  • Map out the logic for the back-end systems

  • Create a work flow of back-end processes

  • Integrate the backend with the front end shop


  • The website is breathing and living depending on user purchases

  • Created a calculator adding textile waste saved to customer profiles

  • Easily manageable product store for our client

How did we do this?

Using Integromat and Workflows

Once we mapped out all the backend work flows and logic that we needed, we were able to action it in Integromat.

Despite the ready-made tools in Integromat, there was a bunch of scripting our dev Sebastian had to do in order for all the processes to run smoothly.

The platform is now able to; calculate a user level based on purchases, calculate amount of textile waste saved based on purchase, use user logins and customising profiles, apply the user level to the purchase order to carry out order according to their level.

Creating the digital experience

In order to keep customers loyal, and show the good cause that Reco stands behind, we wanted to create user levels based on textile waste saved.

When making a purchase, a user sees their level increase, giving it a bit of dopamine rush.

With each level up, the customer gets an embroidery on their clothing based on their current level. This gives a further incentive, as the more you buy, the higher status you are in the reco-sphere.

Shock Factor

Every page is designed with very high attention to detail. From the illustration we drew up on the front page, to all the small details in flora around the website, to the water paints, we put a lot of effort to make sure each page gives off a "WOW" effect and is 100% unique.

The intention was to show the world a website that hasn't been seen before.

Go to the Recondition website to explore more pages.

Making the shopping experience easy

Despite all the functions as well as the design flair, we had to make sure the UX is nice and easy.

Seeing as the store produces clothing on a one time basis, there is only 1 product of a kind at a time.

A simple filtration system makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

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