77% Increase in Purchase Conversions for our E-commerce store client

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The old website was quite bare bones and basic. It lacked many User Experience Features that would make shopping and searching for a product easier.

Since there are HUNDREDS of products on the website, the challenge was to organise everything and give tools for the consumers, so they can easily make a purchase.


  • Create a UX Strategy

  • Rebuild the website from scratch

  • A/B Test different solutions

  • Integrate social media with the shop to increase conversion rates


  • Purchase conversion rates increased by 77%

  • After user testing, users were able to find what they needed easily

  • Sales volume increased by ~120% since integrating social media with the shop

  • Bounce rate went down to 2% 😮

How did we exactly get the results?

This ecommerce store, based in the USA, creates merchandise for University Graduates and Students. They heavily focus their marketing on Social Media, and needed an updated website for their store.

Creating a UX Strategy

We created a quick and basic digital sketch of some ideas of how people could easily locate their University of interest.

Since they create and sell for over 40 universities, they needed a sophisticated system for people to find what they need.

One of the first ideas, was to create a map with different Uni logos, and make that clickable. This was a great idea for Desktop, however, this would prove to be challenging for mobile devices.

We created a flexible search system, as well as an in-depth navigation system, sorted by alphabet.

This was one of the major improvements that lead to higher purchases, conversions and overall website bounce rates.

Analytics and tracking

We monitored the results for the next 28 days, and they were utterly shocking.
We've never seen such a low bounce rate.

While a lot has to do with their very well targeted marketing on social media, we were amazed that just a few changes to UX can make such a difference.

While the bounce rate was already at an all-time record high of ~4%, we couldn't believe we got it down to 2% !!!

A/B Testing the Product Page

We created a simple yet effective product page. We don't have the screenshots, but the previous website, basically had no structure on the product page, making it very confusing on how to check-out.

We added a "Chat with us" button to increase conversion rates.

After testing, the owner decided to add a payment, plan option, which further increased the conversion rate.

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