Rebuilding a website to give it new life


Our Polish client had a website created way back in the early 2000s.

The design and branding was out-dated, there was no CMS behind it so it was hard to manage, and it didn't give off the vibe they needed to impress their customers.

The website also had no tools. It lacked analytics and goal based tracking.


  • Redesign the entire brand

  • Update the brand messaging

  • Build the website in a brand new CMS

  • Install analytics and tracking properly

  • Use pattern disruption with customized design and interactions


  • Our client got a brand new design that got a lot local of attention

  • The website finally sold them as a modern business

  • They showed that they are on top of their service game

How did we do it?

Our client takes care of business health and safety. Their service focuses on health and safety training both in offices, and construction sites. They create programmes, sell them online and teach them locally. They also sell products like fire extinguishers and safety signs.

3D animations & interactions

Our client wanted to show that they are really stepping up their game in terms of budgets, and thus, in what they can offer.

When loading in the website, you can see a 3D animated butterfly entering to land on a child. The messaging is very precise, saying "Taking care of Your safety in the workplace, is taking care of your future", making a real talking point when it comes to people's safety at their jobs.

The animated sun rays with the 3D animated butterfly really bring the focus to the main point the company is trying to make.

Perfect website speeds despite heavy animations

While there's a custom 3D animation created, we found ways to make sure the loading speeds are up to standards.

It took a lot of development shenanigans, and customisations we've never heard of before, to make it work using multiple layers of animations and key frames (Similar technology to what Apple used on their infamous landing pages).

Creating easy tools for our client

One of the countless improvements we made was providing our client with an easily editable site.

One of the features, for example, was an event scheduler, where our client could easily type in information into pre-set fields, add in their photo, and publish an event.

Something like this lets them show that they are active, and also lets visitors register for any live events they are hosting.

Webflow features go much beyond than just blogging! Sky is the limit!

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