How a Web App MVP Saved Hundreds of Hours and Tens Of Thousands of $$$

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Problem needed a custom software for their Social Media management.

They had an idea to reduce labour cost by automating certain tasks, and having a centralised dashboard that could speed up work time.

However, they wanted an affordable way of doing it to test out if this idea could even work.

They also needed a brand new website to test their offers.


  • Build a Website Application on

  • Create a minimal viable product

  • Test and see if this made improvements in time management

  • Create the front-end of the website for their new marketing plan

  • A/B Testing different offers


  • Moona eliminated use of emails between staff and most clients

  • They saved hundreds of hours from the app

  • Their website brought fresh air to the social media agency space

  • Clear understanding of what their customers want

How did we do this?

Most businesses can't afford the typical charge of $100,000 for a custom web application. So, when creating Moona's front end website (Usual day at Zurek Designs), we proposed to make an MVP for them with Using an app builder was much easier for us than coding the app, and Moona was able to save tens of thousands on the build.

Creating the App on

Some of the features we developed:

  • Subscription payment plans with different features locked based on plan tier

  • In app messaging between account managers and clients

  • A revision & feedback system for their social post designs

  • A brand customisation panel for the client for quick and easy brand changes

  • A lot more features. Check out their website to see the full picture.

The Front End Design

The design part of the website was something we were really fired up about. We love creating designs for SaaS businesses, and Moona was heading in that direction.

We made the website look really SaaSsy (pardon the pun), with trendy animations, interactions, visuals and customisations.

Not only that, but we also created explainer videos and GIFs for them, so they can showcase their platform easily.

A/B Testing Offers

At Moona, they offer a free sample post to people who sign up and provide their branding details. However, they wondered if a 7-Day Free Trial would be more attractive to potential customers.

So, we created two new landing pages for their Facebook campaigns - one with a 7-day free trial offer, and one with a free sample post offer.

The results of this experiment were interesting; more people were interested in the free sample post that didn't require them to provide credit card information.

This gave the company a good understanding of what offers are more attractive to people.


Pattern disruption

We built many interactions and animations to really ensure a "WOW" effect when visiting their website.

This was something that really put them above their competition in terms of tech and brand.

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