Cost of Different Website Types in Australia

Cost of Different Website Types in Australia

April 20, 2022
Szymon Zurek


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If you're looking to get a website designed and built in Australia, you'll want to be aware of the different costs associated with each type of website. In this article, we will break down the cost of a static brochure website, a CMS website (with blog, event, team features etc...), membership and subscription site, as well as an eCommerce store. We will also break down different visual design levels a website can have, and different service elements like SEO and copy writing to see differences in website design costs. Finally, for each of these website types, we will talk about hosting prices.

General costs of website design in Australia

If you are looking to hire a professional agency who will build things from scratch, with proper user experience strategy and goal setting, on average, you are looking at a cost between $2000 and $5000. This price can go up depending on additional functionality.

For a cheaper alternative, you might have to settle for templates and themes, without custom graphics or icons. This might also require extra project management, and won't involve strategy unless it comes from you. This type of website could cost anywhere between $500 to $1500.

Break down of website cost by website type

Type of Website Best For Price
Brochure website Businesses that don't need content control $2000 - $4000
CMS website Businesses that need content control $3000 - $5000
Membership Website Account based websites with gated pages $5000 - $20,000
Ecommerce Store Website Product stores that need to be online $5000 - $20,000
Custom Web Application Software or platform that runs online $9000 - $200,000^

Website costs based on visual style

Type of visual style Best For Price
Template website Testing your idea $500 - $1500
Built custom to you (Simple) Effective results and brand recognition $2000 - $5000
With design flair (Advanced) Wowing your visitors $5000 - $15,000

Cost for a brochure website design in Australia

A brochure website is a type of static website that is used to promote your business or product. It usually has around three to five pages, and contains information about what you do, your products or services, your company history, and contact details.

The cost of a brochure website in Australia will depend on the amount of design flair you need as well as pages.

For a brochure website, you will be looking at around $2000-$4000.

Hosting for a brochure website can cost as low as $2/month, although for decent servers with CDNs, this can go up to $29/month.

Cost for a CMS website design in Australia

A CMS website comes with a content management system that allows you to control the content on your website. It usually has a blog, events, team members etc...

The cost of a CMS website in Australia will depend on the amount of design flair you need, as well as pages and how many CMS features you need.

For a simpler website, you will be looking at a price starting at $3000. For a website with more CMS databases (like events, team members, success stories, recent work, products, services), you are looking at a cost up to $5000.

For a CMS type website, you will typically spend up to $29/month on hosting.

Cost for a membership subscription website design in Australia

A membership website is a type of website that requires users to sign up and login to access content. This content can be in the form of articles, videos, courses or any other format.

This can also work with other subscription types, such as access to a user dashboard for a software product, or anything else that should be gated from logged-out users.

The cost of a membership subscription website will usually start at $5000 and can go up to $20,000 if you need complex features.

Additionally, the hosting for such a  membership website and server management can be between $49/month and $999/month depending on the amount of traffic and daily users.

Cost for an ecommerce store website in Australia

An ecommerce store website is a type of website that allows you to sell products or services online. This usually includes features like a shopping cart, product pages, checkout and payment processing.

The cost of an ecommerce store website in Australia can start at $5000 and go up to $20,000 depending on the planning and strategy involved, as well as the number of products you need to sell.

You will also need to factor in hosting costs, which can be between $19/month and $39/month for a basic ecommerce store. Custom marketplace websites go more under the 'web app' type and hosting costs increase along with the developement and design costs.

You also have to note, that some platforms will take 1-3% off your transactions. On top of that, Stripe (The main online payment gateway) takes 1.75% + 0.30c per transaction.

Custom web application cost in Australia

A custom web application is a type of website that is built from scratch to serve a specific purpose or function. This can be anything from a CRM system, to an online booking system, to a social network, marketplace, a forum or really any app you can think of - basically software that works in a browser.

The cost of a custom web application in Australia can start at $9000 and go up to $200,000. It can go even further depending on the complexity and scale of the project as well as the platform.

Some agencies, such as ours, are proficient in building an MVP in no code platforms like This is the lower end of the spectrum for web app development, and usually you can expect to pay $9000 - $20,000 for a basic MVP. Things like a CRM, forum or a booking system usually belong to this price range. As a recent example, we build the website and the web application for This web app was made, so they can manage their client's social media easily and proficiently all in one place.

However, agencies that specialise in building fully fledged web applications, usually cost $200,000 and up. These kinds of apps work on a massive scale and are designed for millions of users.

You will also need to factor in hosting costs, which can be between $49/month and $999/month depending on the amount of traffic and daily users. If you are looking to host an app designed for millions of users, the costs are complicated and customized based on the processes you generate on a daily basis.

Now that you know the cost of different website types in Australia, you can start planning your budget for your next website project.

If you're interested, below we further outline website costs on additional factors such as; visual style and design flair, SEO cost and copy writing.

Cost of a website design based on visuals and design style

Here are two examples. One of a simpler website, and one with more design flair:

Example 1

This coaching platform website we created was styled in a simpler tone.

While we still created custom graphics and made sure to bring a great brand experience with custom icon design and a few flairs, it was relatively simple compared to the next example.

Example 2

For our second example, this website has a lot of design flair, with carefully picked colours, watercolour elements, custom illustrations and much more. The time to craft these graphic elements was much greater, and so is the cost.

These websites had a different cost because of their strategy and functionality. However, speaking strictly visual, if they were both brochure sites without the strategy and just these visuals, the simpler website would cost $2000 to $4000, while the design flair website would cost $4000 to $7000.

If you really want to take your website to the next level, 3D renders and 3D animations with scrolling action, and a lot of other designer magic, can cost upwards from $7000, and really has no limit. An example of this would be recent pages designed for To create a single page like the iPad Air from Apple, it could cost about $30,000 - $75,000.

How are website costs determined based on visuals?

Before a project starts, an agency would sit down with a client and look at some inspiration and examples of other website designs (along with discussing website features and goals).

This is then converted into a mood board which is a collection of images, fonts and colours that will be used on the website.

From here, the agency can give you an accurate quote for how much your project would cost based on the mood board. When adding in the kind of features you want, as well as a researched list of pages (site map), the agency can give you a full estimate.

What factors determine the website cost?

  • How many pages you need
  • The visual style and flair of a website
  • How many visuals the agency needs to produce (photos, graphics etc...)
  • The visuals you can provide (Like team portraits)
  • How many CMS features you need (blogs, events, team members etc...)
  • Other functionality (ecommerce, memberships and other integrations)

Cost of basic SEO and copy writing when building a website with an agency

This is hard to pinpoint as different agencies have different rules. A lot of "full stack" agencies such as ours, offer basic SEO when a website is built. Basic SEO services from a website design agency would cover:

  • Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Copy writing on pages
  • Starter blogs
  • Making sure the website is structured properly with H1, H2 and H3 hierarchies
  • Using tables and bullet point lists when you can
  • Optimising images and their sizes
  • Adding in Schema code
  • Indexing the site and plugging in analytics with event tracking

Usually, basic SEO setup is included in the final quote. As stated previously, a basic website could cost $2000 - $5000 and the SEO costs are accounted for in these quotes.

However, website design agencies that aren't "full stack", and don't include basic SEO setup, might charge less, between $1500 and $4000.

In conclusion, seeing the different cost between agencies that offer SEO and content writing, and ones that don't there is about a $500 - $1000 cost difference.

What are the best costs for you?

Obviously, I am biased as we are a website agency, however, I will give you the best possible recommendations from my experience working with all different clients and budgets.

Website cost for someone who is starting out on a shoestring budget

Let's say you are a first time entrepreneur, and you are still learning a lot about marketing and sales, business structures, finances... And I could go on. I would recommend taking it slow, and not dishing out too much money on your website.

As stated, you can get a website based on a template for $500-$1500 and I would recommend this as a starting point. Find a graphic designer from Fiverr, pay them the $400 to help you make the website, and do as much as possible on your own.

Website cost for a business operating on word of mouth

Let's paint a picture of a typical word of mouth based business, and you work in a trade or other service.

You make good money and have gotten along just fine without online presence. Quite frankly, you still might not need a website, but you clicked on the article after all!

For businesses like this, I like to ask these questions: Why do you think you need the website? Are you looking to get more clients more quickly? Or do you just want an online brochure so people can find you more easily?

Nine out of ten times the answer is - "I just want people to be able to find me more easily".

In this case, my best recommendation would be to get yourself a brochure website for $2000-$4000.

Website cost for a business that wants to scale

There is a simple formula for scaling. Marketing > Sales > Fulfilment > Profit

A website is crucial for marketing, and this is really where you NEED a proper website, with proper user experience strategy, customer journey mapping, planning, A/B testing, and good branding.

Organic reach on Google is still a primary way to get customers, especially when you can give them value through content.

Then you need to make sure that the website can convert visitors to your desired action, whether they found you organically or through ads.

For all that to be a part of your website, you will at least need to spend the $3000 and might want to go up to $15,000 depending on your design flair.

Website cost for a startup going out with a bang

Similar to the previous section, you will need all of the same strategy and planning elements from customer journey and user experience.

However, I mark a difference here, because if you want to go out with a big bang and make headlines, you better make sure the website and your brand are of pristine quality. This is where the design flair comes in and makes a difference to your launch.

Since launching with a bang is important, as a startup you should be looking at spending at least $5000 on website design, and if you can spare the budget, go up to $15,000.

Conclusion to website costs

Website costs can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type and visual flair in a website you need.

If you're just starting out, you might be able to get away with a cheaper option like a template website. If you are a small business, all you might need is a brochure website. However, if you're looking to scale your business, you'll need to invest in a more complex website with strategy and planning behind it, so it can support organic reach and conversions.

FAQs about Website Costs

Q: How often should I budget for a website redesign?

A: Website updates can be done as little or as often as you like, however, I recommend every two to three years.

Q: Do I need to pay someone to manage my website after it's built?

A: If you are comfortable with making your own updates and changes, then no. But if not, most web design agencies offer website maintenance packages for an additional cost. For example, we charge $299/month for ongoing content production and A/B testing landing pages for your campaigns.

Q: Is there a difference between the cost of a domain and other domains?

A: Yes, domains do tend to be more expensive than others, but not by much. You can expect to pay around $30-$40 per year for a domain. \

Q: How much will my email cost?

A: If you are buying your domain, usually you can purchase an email that goes with it. Most domain emails are hosted on Outlook, and cost about $7/month per email, or $5/month if you pay annually.

Q: How do I know if my website is 'good enough'?

A: There's no definite answer, but a good rule of thumb is to compare your website to your competitors. If you feel like you are lagging behind, it might be time for an update.

Q: Can I get a website for free?

A: Yes, there are some providers that offer free websites (usually with limitations), but in general, you will get what you pay for. It's important to remember that your website is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business, so it's worth investing in.