Our Service Process

How do we work with you?


You request a free Website Audit

We look at both how your website works and how people use it, and create a report of what we found.

If you don't have a website, we have a longer call/meeting discussing the project. We skip step 2 and 3 and go straight to writing a proposal.


We schedule a call

We have a short meeting to discuss what we found and see if there is any way to improve.


See if you're interested

We give you a prediction of possible results, and what we can do to help you achieve these results.


We write a proposal

The first step is to research and figure out the direction of your project. This includes writing out a site map and designing a mood-board to plan the visual look of your website.


We sign a contract

We want you to be sure about what you're buying. That's why we do all the research and planning before signing a contract and invoicing you.


We collect the first 25%-50% payment

Depending on how big the project is and how many phases it has, we usually ask for a down payment of 25%-50%.


We work on the UX strategy

We design a low fidelity wireframe to plan out the messaging, content order, and CTAs. This is a design with blank boxes and text to serve as a User Experience strategy.


Creating the home page design

Based on the UX strategy, we create the design for the desktop home page. This decides how the mood-board is applied and how other pages should be styled.


We design other pages

If you're happy with how the home page is looking, we can start designing the rest of the website.


Website Developement

We code the website in Webflow. We add interactions, programme the mobile version and all needed functionality.


Testing and optimising

We test the website on different devices and browsers. We make sure that all the images and code are optimized so that the website is fast. (Internet Explorer is no longer included)


Publishing & Launching

We're ready to launch when everything is tested and optimized. We add in the last details, like your domain and analytics. We also add in any other tools you're using, like a CRM or a Newsletter.


Ongoing support

Sometimes errors happen on websites. If you see an error, please let us know, and we will fix it for free as soon as possible.


Training and your dashboard

We create a customer dashboard for you that includes training videos on how to use and manage your website.

If you have any questions in the future, or need help with anything else related to your website, we will help you and update your dashboard, so you can find the resource easily later if needed.


Retainer package

If you decide to be on a retainer with us, we work with you on an ongoing basis. This includes:

  • A/B testing landing pages

  • Analytic reports

  • Creating new pages as you need

  • Needed additions to the website

  • Content creation (Blog writing)

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